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GoodyTAG Smart Advertising

Product Placement on Users' Photos

Users' photos are valueable assets:

With GoodyTag®, you can let your customers promote your goods on their photos and determine an easy way to reward them, such as with coupons, points, freebies , draws and more. 

How does it work?
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As you can see, process is simple & easy:

                               Result & Comments:
GoodyTagged Pic

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How does it work from the client's perspective?

Advertiser can view apps usage statistics and edit app's set ups.
A WallPost brings in average:
* 5 Clicks * 4 'Likes' & Comments *Brings users& their friends to shop 

Main Functions:

  1. Easy advertiser interface for setting up
    & edit apps appearance & contents

  2. 'Rewards' system: Giving Points/
    Coupons/ Draws/ Prizes to the users.

  3. Able to set campaigns, where users are
    not rewarded for their action.

  4. Users can share to Twitter via the app
    and get an extra endorsement

  5. Multilingual & Compatible to all
    browsers & OSs.


With so many brands spreading messages across multiple platforms – it’s hard to break through the noise. However, people use their social networks to communicate and stay in touch multiple times a day and it is well known that friends' recommendation is the most influential on our purchasing decisions. More than any commercial!   Read more »

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